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This Day in History

About the Revolutions in the Middle East and North Africa

(Mubarak did not step down because the US and Israel do not want him to, he is their puppet;  but if the protests continue he will have to. and he did).

What is becoming clear is that the US has armed many Muslim nations whose leaders are dictators who have used US made weapons against their neighbors and their own people. The people can longer accept their fates under their oppressive governments; they want change. They want to choose and elect their governments, they want their independence from Europe and the US, and they want jobs and equal justice.

Because the US may not like the choices the people make i.e. the Palestinians' choice of Hamas or the Lebanese choice of Hezbolah; it keeps backing dictators like the Mubaraks or the Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz al-Saudr.

Who will fall next? 

People once angry organize and eventually prevail, the lesson to the world is making leaders tremble, good because this will inevitably lead to real changes, to social changes. The message to all leaders is that  revolutions can happen anywhere and world governments must take notice.

British Police uses CS gas on british protesters

In New Military, Data Overload Can Be Deadly

In February 2010, the drone gamers murdered 23 Afghani civilians, including children, and the excuse is data overload. NY Times report.  We don't care about excuses we want the murderers in prison for life and we want the public to put pressure on our government to stop the use of drones.

Comment on financial cuts to public colleges and universities.

The US students are beaten humans accepting cuts which ultimately will make them less competitive in a job market which is starting to leave graduated students stranded without employment for months even years. Their lack of commitment to their cause is a reflection of a cowardly nation; and this cattle behavior will eventually cost the dynamism of this country.

Afghan Panel and U.S. Dispute War's Toll on Property

The military has denied a report by an Afghan commission that the US military operation in Kandahar is responsible for $100 million in damage to homes and farms see NY Times' article

It seems that the US military is using similar tactics than Israel by deliberately destroying homes; shame on us all for letting our military terrorize populations, and level properties.

We must recall our troops home now.

Thoughts on the Arizona shooting

It should be a wake up call to the rest of the world of the Extreme political Right and its rising power in the US. We know from experience that we must stop the development of such movement. Also, it should alarm US citizens that fascists are among them armed and since the fasco-terrorists associate themselves with the politics of the"Tea Party -ers" , we must consider the "Tea Party-ers" a dangerous group.

We are all in shock by the horror.

Also see Dr. Krugman's paper in the NY Times. Although contrary to him I believe that hate talk is not the only reason we see in house terrorism and certainly it would be an error to criminalize such rhetoric because it is easier to know who the "enemy" is when the "enemy" is loud. 

Also, I am against gun control because sometimes a call to arm is necessary. If in Germany anyone who was Jewish had been armed, then Jews could have defended themselves and the outcome could have been changed. And although I am for peace and non-violence I am not for turning the other cheek. It is necessary for people to defend themselves in the face of  disturbed enemies like Hitler, Mussolini or Pétain. 

Flying Machines, Amazing at Any Angle

Published: January 3, 2011
Scientists at the University of Montana Flight Laboratory are obsessed with bridging the gap in flying abilities between birds and human beings.