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NATO airstrike kills at least 27 civilians- Washington Post

With so many civilian casualties this month, the NATO forces are promoting the radicalization of thousands,  the growing hatred of the terrorized population of Afghanistan is radicalizing the native. So, when McCrystal or Patreus think they can trust the troops they are training, they are being ignorant or they are lying to us?  

Let's follow the Dutch's example and remove all of our troops in six months time.  Then we cut the military budget down from over $700 billions to $300 billions.  We use that money to retrain the unemployed and develop a manufacturing base.  

We need our young men and women home.  Already the toll is too high: nearly 5,000 deaths and over 50,000 wounded physically, some of them maimed. And the mental wounds, the distress, and anxieties many of the soldiers experience add to the emergency to bring our people home.  And when they come home they can  fight the fires in California and in the South East or they can help rebuild New Orleans or provide foreign aid to countries in dire needs, such as Haiti.  These saving activities would help rehabilitate the soldiers.  Building instead of killing and destroying will rebuild their mental strength.

Controversial Diabetes Drug Harms Heart, US Concludes

Who is going to jail? In 2008 over 4800 deaths and 21,000 injuries were due to side effects of prescribed drugs; see the LA Times The pharmaceutical industry is killing thousands of people and yet no one goes to jail. All they do is remove the drugs from the market, sometimes months even years after they have already caused injuries and deaths. Put the culprits in jail, and the drugs will become a lot safer.

US School district spied on students through webcams, court told

 Who has access to our webcams?  This article raises issues of privacy and security. Check the article in the Guardian