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This Day in History

Grow new teeth

A cool dental procedure to grow teeth,  it works in Mice and thus could work in humans.  Check the article in the Guardian.

Charities Rise, Costing U.S. Billions in Tax Breaks

Published: December 6, 2009
The number of public charities has soared, resulting in more than $50 billion a year in lost tax revenue.  See the story in the NY Times.   I suggest we stop giving worshipping places a non for profit status.

Video games and Art

Check the article in the Guardian.  I think it is a good story for parents of kids who spend a lot of time playing computer games.

Euros become currency of drug cartels

We must wonder what will the effect on the US economy will be if any?  See the story on the Guardian

Questioning a $30,000-a-Month Cancer Drug

80% of the cost of the drugs will be covered by medicare but since only the wealthy will afford the $3,000 per month the drug will still cost, we have a system of welfare and health care for the rich only; yet the drug companies are passing the cost to all tax payers including  the ones who won't afford the treatments.  The drug companies are raising their prices with the development of our new health care system, taking advantage of the lack of price regulation for the pharmaceutical products.  The drug companies will bankrupt the system.  Check the article in the NY Times story.

Unemployment drops to 17.2%

Check the whole story.  The official unemployment does not take some numbers into account.  This is the truer unemployment rate; the story is in this Washington Post blog.

Study questions Safety of Mammograms in Young Women at high Risk of Cancer

It is obvious that all radiations have negative effects.  The story in the NY Times discusses mammograms and their dangers.  See the story.  I am waiting for stories in the overuse of dental routine x-rays.