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JAZZ-ART-POLITICS: Here and Now: Strontium-90 -Wkipedia

JAZZ-ART-POLITICS: Here and Now: Strontium-90 -Wkipedia: "- Beta decay, - Half life is 28.8 years, - ' The results of a study of hundreds of thousands of teeth collected by Dr. Louise Reiss and ..."

Strontium-90 -Wkipedia

- Beta decay,
- Half life is 28.8 years,
- "The results of a study of hundreds of thousands of teeth collected by Dr. Louise Reiss and her colleagues as part of the Baby Tooth Survey showed that children born after 1963 had levels of 90Sr in their deciduous teeth that was 50 times higher than that found in children born before the advent of large-scale atomic testing. The findings helped convince U.S. President John F. Kennedy to sign the Partial Nuclear Test Ban Treaty with the United Kingdom andSoviet Union, which ended the above-ground nuclear weapons testing that placed the greatest amounts of nuclear fallout into the atmosphere. A set of 85,000 teeth that had been uncovered in storage in 2001 were given to theRadiation and Public Health Project. By tracking the individuals who had participated in the tooth-collection project, the RHPR published results in a 2010 issue of the International Journal of Health Service that showed that those children who later died of cancer before the age of 50 had levels of strontium 90 in their stored baby teeth that was twice the level of those who were still alive at 50.[3][4]"

- "Together with caesium isotopes 134Cs137Cs, and iodine isotope 131I it was among the most important isotopes regarding health impacts after the Chernobyl disaster.

Strontium-90 is a "bone seeker" that exhibits biochemical behavior similar tocalcium, the next lighter Group 2 element. After entering the organism, most often by ingestion with contaminated food or water, about 70-80% of the dose gets excreted. Virtually all remaining strontium-90 is deposited in bones and bone marrow, with the remaining 1% remaining in blood and soft tissues. Its presence in bones can cause bone cancer, cancer of nearby tissues, and leukemia. Exposure to 90Sr can be tested by abioassay, most commonly by urinalysis." Wikipedia
Instead of playing war games the world community needs to work together to end the releases of radioactive fission products which are now blanketing the whole northern hemisphere and are finding their way into soils, drinking water, milk and foods.

NHK WORLD English reports high level of Strontium 90 found in soil near Fukushima


Carbon levels hit new peak, research shows | Environment | guardian.co.uk

Carbon levels hit new peak, research shows | Environment | guardian.co.uk

Washington moves to classify cyber-attacks as acts of war | World news | The Guardian

Washington moves to classify cyber-attacks as acts of war | World news | The Guardian

Hamza Ali al-Khateeb Becomes a Symbol of Syrian Brutality - NYTimes.com

Hamza Ali al-Khateeb Becomes a Symbol of Syrian Brutality - NYTimes.com

WHO says cell phone use possibly carcinogenic | Reuters

WHO says cell phone use possibly carcinogenic | Reuters

TEPCO : 福島第一原子力発電所 | Streaming video feed of Fukushima Daiichi

TEPCO : 福島第一原子力発電所 |ide

Yemen Security Forces Kill 50 Demonstrators at Peaceful Sit-In

Yemen Security Forces Kill 50 Demonstrators at Peaceful Sit-In

Western Special Forces Reportedly on the Ground in Libya

Western Special Forces Reportedly on the Ground in Libya

Japan nuclear crisis: Pensioners seek work at Fukushima - BBC

Oxygen cylinder bursts near No. 4 reactor -NHK

NHK has a photo of the explosion.

Damage to gas cylinder caused bang at Fukushima plant - Tepco

Soil near Fukushima found to be as radioactive as Chernobyl's

Oil leakage to the sea confirmed by Tepco

Afghan leader warns NATO not to become "occupying force" - Reuters

9 afghanis civilians were killed on Sunday and most of them were small children; NATO apologized but it remains that children lost their lives at the hands of foreign troops and that is unacceptable and unpardonable.

Bradley Manning the bullied outsider who knew US military's inner secrets - The Guardian

NATO apologizes for Afghan airstrike that it says killed 9 civilians

German E. coli outbreak death toll rises to 10 - Reuters

Deaths are blamed on infected cucumbers and tomatoes.

If you want to track Songda extratropical storm check the navy website

Also a knot = 1.151 mph Wikipedia

Cooling system restored at Tepco's No.5 plant -Reuters

And it was off for 3 hours and it fell after temperature rose above cold shutdown temperature.

The story does not tell us if there were some melt down or venting done? Also, is the cooling system pumping sea water onto unit 5? If so corrosion is to be expected, and if so why is it being cooled by salt water? It looks like the story keeps unfolding and more bad news are coming.

It is time to put pressure on all governments to end this worldwide disaster.

And now Japan is bracing for high winds and heavy rain with an extratropical cyclone.

In Guatemala, human 'experiment' by US brings outcry AP

Salmon migration Pacific Ocean from Japan to Alaska and ocean currents

The FDA won't test seafood for radiation

Wether the fish is exported from Japan or fished in the West coast of the US, the FDA will not test the seafood for radiation contamination. Yet, several fishes migrate across the ocean like the Albacore and high radiation levels have been found in fish and sea weeds on the Japanese coast.

Until the FDA test the sea food entering the US market, we should all refrain from eating it.

Japan detects high radiation levels off coast: report - AFP

"The science ministry announced late Friday highly radioactive materials were detected in a 190 mile north-south stretch from Kesennuma in Miyagi Prefecture to Choshi in Chiba prefecture."

"The ministry warned that the contamination could affect the safety of seafood..."

Fukushima farmers might abandon rice planting in soil tainted by radiation - Bloomberg

IAEA on Fukushima fact-finding mission

TEPCO said that 36 tons of radioactive water has leaked from a waste disposal building.

Fukushima: What happened - and what needs to be done - BBC

Radiation monitors broke in Japan disaster: Report - Economic Times

Officials in Germany Support Closing 7 Nuclear Plants - New York Times

If Germany can survive without nuclear power, so can we.

Egypt eases travel restrictions for Gaza travelers -Reuters

Fukushima nuclear plant update: get all the data - The Guardian

Fukushima Faces 'Massive' Radioactive Water Problem -Bloomberg

100,000 gallons of contaminated water and no end in sight; three reactors melted and three containment breached and sea weed and fish contaminated. And TEPCO is not sharing the data. Read Bloomberg

Ultimately this disaster will surpass Chernobyl by several notches.

7 US troops among 9 NATO service members killed in Afghanistan - Washington Post

Egypt to open Border With Gaza, in the Face of Israeli Objections

U.N. Warns of Ethnic Cleansing in Sudan Town

How is it that the world does not stop this massacres? More than two million people have died since 1983 and yet the West closes its eyes.

Angry Parents in Japan Confront Government Over Radiation Levels

Published: May 25, 2011
"An outcry is erupting in Fukushima City over what parents say is a government failure to protect their children, prompting unusual confrontations in a conflict-averse society.

"At issue are updated government guidelines that allow schoolchildren to be exposed to radiation doses that are more than 20 times the previously permissible levels. That dose is equal to the international standard for adult nuclear power plant workers."

Less Active at Work, Americans Have Packed on Pounds

Democrats Put G.O.P. on Spot as Medicare Plan Fails

Corporate profits fall, jobless claims up

Some news from the international Atomic Energy Agency

"On 13 May TEPCO commenced the preparatory work for the installation of a cover for the reactor building of Unit 1. The reactor building cover will be installed as an emergency measure to prevent the dispersion of radioactive substances until mid- to long term measures, including radiation shielding, are implemented."

"TEPCO has reported that information obtained after calibration of the reactor water level gauges of Unit 1 shows that the actual water level in the Unit 1 reactor pressure vessel was lower than was indicated, showing that the fuel was completely uncovered. The results of provisional analysis show that fuel pellets melted and fell to the bottom of reactor pressure vessel at a relatively early stage in the accident.
"Stagnant water with high levels of radioactivity in the basement of the turbine buildings of Units 1, 2 and 3 is being transferred to the condensers, the radioactive waste treatment facility, the high-temperature incinerator building and temporary storage tanks. Stagnant water in the basement of the turbine building of Unit 6 is being transferred to a temporary tank."

"The activity concentrations of I-131, Cs-134 and Cs-137 in seawater close to the Fukushima Daiichi plant at the screen of Unit 2 have been measured every day since 2 April. Concentrations of Cs-134 and Cs-137 decreased from initial values of more than 100 MBq/L to less than 5 kBq/L on 7 May, but increased to levels of around 20 kBq/L on 16 May, and to about 10 kBq/L on 17 May. There was a significant increase in levels of I-131 from about 8 to 80 kBq/L from 10 to 11 May, in parallel with the increase for both radiocaesium isotopes. This indicates that there is still some production of fission products. The I-131 levels decreased to about 20 kBq/L on 17 May."
For the full text see IAEA

Spanish defy protest ban ahead of elections

Children growing weaker as computers replace outdoor activity reports the Guardian

Israeli rebuke of Obama exposes divide on Mideast -Reuters

Then we should rebuke that the yearly billion dollars will be withheld. Also, the US should pass a law forbidding Americans to serve in foreign arm forces; so that young American Jews will not participate in the human right violations promulgated by the IDF. If an American citizen desires to serve in a foreign military than that person must give up his/her American citizenship.

NATO supply lines under attack by Pakistani militants to protest drone strikes by the U.S. Reuters reports

Students consider prostitution to pay for school - Reuters

Updates on Fukushima

- Since TEPCO suspected hydrogen gas accumulation in the Primary containment vessel, they open a valve and injected Nitrogen gas to unit 1.

- Started transfer of highly radioactive water from the turbine building of unit 3.

- On May 17th started to spray water to unit 4 spent fuel pools and injected hydrazine (corrosion inhibitor) at the same time.

- On May 18, started to spray the spent fuel pool of unit 2 and injected hydrazine as well.

- On may 18, removed approximately 10.5 m3 of contaminated water from the basement of unit 6.

Corrosion was expected because at first sea water was used to cool the reactors and the spent fuel pools. Hydrazine is a highly poisonous substance.

This map shows radiation levels around Fukushima

Medvedev menace de quitter Start (treaty with the US on nuclear disarmament) - Le Monde

Medvedev has warned the US that Russia could abandon the treaty on nuclear  disarmament with the US and  risk a return of the cold war era, for lack of agreement with Washington on the US antimissile defense system in Europe, reports Le Monde
If the US and Russia return to the cold war era it would help Obama persuade the Americans that we needed to give the military and other secret agencies more than $850 billion for 2011.

It is amazing how Obama has changed since his college years. See the article he wrote in 1983 in the Sundial. 

How safe are your savings? -Reuters

"Let’s say a broker or banker offered you a way of reaping market gains while protecting your principal. You’d jump at it, wouldn’t you?
Thousands did and were burned to the tune of more than $113 billion in complex “structured” products since 2008, including Florida businessman Charles Replogle and his 86-year-old mother. They were told that the principal-protected notes sold by UBS Financial Services were safe." Reuters

Most at Fed want rate hikes before asset sales

UNRWA deplores deaths of Palestine refugees - Commissioner-General's statement

UNRWA has deplored thousand of Palestine refugees deaths, but has not had any power to force Israel to abide to UN resolution and to end all human rights violations.

Israeli-Palestinian Fatalities between 2000 and 2007 -OCHA

This shows how lives from one ethnic group are more equal than others, and it is because of racism. "In 2007, for example, for every one Israeli death there were 25 Palestinian deaths..." OCHA

It is time to respect all life and thus end all wars : one planet, one atmosphere, one people.

Twelve dead in protests after two women killed in Afghan raid by the US/NATO reports

Stop the lies, the US has no interest in democracy; it uses any excuses to go in and replace the leaders it does not like. And again it is OK for US/NATO to kill civilians with impunity. Why don't Americans see the truth? The answer is simple they don't care about the truth because they are racist and thus the life of a Muslim is not worth much in their minds, certainly does not have the same value as an American or an Israeli life..

Inside Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant pictures

The Great Recession's lost generation -CNN

"About 60% of recent graduates have not been able to find a full-time job in their chosen profession, according to job placement firm Adecco."

Senators want price-fixing probe on oil refiners

Study: $2 trillion needed for U.S. infrastructure -The Washington Post

Simple, let's bring the troops home and cut the military and other war like agencies' budget to update our infrastructure.

Tepco revises plan for cooling reactors - The Washington Post

Reactor fuel at unit 1 has been fully exposed; corium has bored through the reactor vessel unleashed. There is concern that unit 2 and 3 may have melted as well. This 7 on the INES scale is way too low to describe this catastrophe.

Analysis: Palestinian "Arab Spring" confronts Israel on borders -Reuters

Israel killed 13 protesters and wounded at least 60 and yet, again there is no outrage. How can Jews have the right to return to Palestine after more than a thousand year since they had left; but that Palestinians, displaced by the creation of Israel, don't?

Israel should have been carved out of land from the pro Nazi states i.e. Germany, France Italy... Not in a land which was not ours, meaning the UK, to give.

Pakistan military protests after NATO incursion wounds soldiers

The US lead NATO forces must start to respect other nations' sovereignty; where is outrage from the international community? Can you imagine if a nation decided to run attacks on US soil and send helicopters overhead? The US would shoot them down; therefore we can conclude that the US/NATO is trying to provoke Pakistan into a response, a response which could rally the Americans behind yet another war, this time against Pakistan.

It seems that Washington is led by war mongers.

Obama May Skirt War Powers Law to Continue Libya Bombing

Obama May Skirt War Powers Law to Continue Libya Bombing

We must stand up and say no to all the "war campaigns", we must say no to more squeezes on the middle class' wallets. The war machine is receiving about $830 billion dollars, let's trim that budget by bringing our troops home.  Bonaparte lost by his delusion of grandeur. The US will end up on its knees and with a third world power structure with the rich, blinded by wealth, leading the poor.

Shell Plan OK’d for Deepwater Oil Exploration

Shell Plan OK’d for Deepwater Oil Exploration

Obama is a puppet and a huge disappointment: how can he authorize more drilling when the Gulf of mexico has not yet (if ever) recovered from the BP catastrophe.

Oil Company CEOs Defend Profits and Government Subsidies

Oil Company CEOs Defend Profits and Government Subsidies

As the middle class tighten its belt the oil companies make huge profits and don't pay federal taxes.

12 Nuclear Resisters Convicted for Trespassing at Nuclear Bomb Plant

12 Nuclear Resisters Convicted for Trespassing at Nuclear Bomb Plant

NATO plans to broaden the range of targets reports Reuters

and thus we can expect more civilian deaths; we'll end up killing thousands more than Gadhafi would have; in the name of our kind of bribed puppet government. We must end our aggression against muslims countries, we must end Israel's land grabbing of Palestinian land, we must stop violating other nations sovereignty. We must concentrate on the environmental crises facing us, on collaborating with all nations: to feed the starving, to educate the poor, to develop clean energy, to protect the future of the next generations.

Israel fires at protesters, kill four and wound 60 reports Reuters

What are the actions the UN will take against Israel's acts of violence against civilians?

Fukushima two months since the tsunami

Tens of thousands people are awaiting orders to evacuate towns beyond the 12 miles zone, they were told to be ready to move by mid-May.

Japan's Fukushima crisis drives protests over world's largest nuclear plant in India  Yahoo News

 On Wednesday a new leak was detected at Fukushima outside of reactor 3 of 1.5 mSv/hour and TEPCO does not know if it is reaching the ocean.  CNN

On Sunday radiation spiked in the spent fuel pool of reactor number 3, cause is unknown. CNN

Summary of reactor unit status - 5 May 2011
View more presentations from IAEA White smoke is continually being emitted from unit 2 and 3.

Children don masks, hats in Fukushima as radiation Looms - Bloomberg

"Children and teachers at a fifth of the 1,600 schools in Fukushima are receiving at least 20 millisieverts of radiation per year, said Nakate, according to readings from the government. That’s the limit for a nuclear power plant worker, according to Japan’s nuclear safety commission." Bloomberg

Julain Assange awarded Australian peace prize

This is simply wonderful.

Japan nuclear power expansion plans abandoned -The Guardian

"• Damian Carrington: If Japan and Germany don't need nuclear, why does anyone?"

Facebook may have leaked your personal information: Symantec -Reuters

There should not be any surprise there. It is time to quit Facebook.