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Infectious Diseases Study Site Questioned

How crazy is this?  It is like Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant in New York which is built on a fault.  Our leaders are insane.  It reminds me of the painting by the Dutch painter Brugel entitled, "The Blind Leading The Blind".

With our lack of survival intelligence, we can predict that humans are doomed to extinction.


Wall St. Jacks Up Pay After Bailouts


There won't be any changes until we, the People, decide it is time to fight for our rights.  We don't have to accept what happens to us.  It is not God who emptied our 401k and robbed us of our savings.  It is the wealthy, whose 1% make 20% of the total income.

Capitalism is socialism for the wealthy.  We bail them out, they increase their salaries; and fire their workers, and ship those jobs to Mexico, India or China.

There is no more labor in the US, the Labor is unemployed.  And the wealthy are getting wealthier.  In the past five years the oil companies have reported huge profits,  profits which came out of the American workers' wallets.  

We demand: health care for all; de-privatize  the oil, gas, coal companies; protect our industry; taxes on luxury items; caps on upper salaries; jobs and education. 

The people can bring about changes, but the people must want to make it happen.

Poppies and Legal Drugs

Some legal drugs and even over the counter drugs contain Poppy derivatives.  The derivatives are used in legal narcotics such as oxycodone, hydroxycodone, codeine, morphine; and other drugs including drugs used for erectile dysfunction, ADHD, depressions and colds.

The US has moved into Helmand Province in Afghanistan to protect the poppy (Papaver somniferum) fields of licensed farmers who sell their crops to pharmaceutical companies.

The US is leading world consumption of morphine with 55 mg/year/capita, Europe consumes 25 mg and Japan about 1 mg. The profits to be made on such dependence are in billions of dollars;  for every 29 kg (70 pounds) of morphine a profit of $8800 is made (Poppy for Medecine).  

The shortage and demand for poppies make for high profits.  http://www.poppyformedicine.net/

Our soldiers are fighting the wrong wars; they are being exploited by the wealthy in the interests of the wealthy.  

They should refuse to die, and they should refuse to kill.

Should the Rich Pay for The Uninsured?


The Cost of Bailing out the wealthy is around $23.7 trillions, the wealthy 1% who make 20 % of all Income, can give back $200 millions. 

The people, including the uninsured, pay taxes (Property Taxes, State taxes, Sale Taxes and Federal Taxes); and proportionally they pay a much higher percent of their income than the 5.4% the wealthy would have to give from their unsheltered money, 
the left over after they donate money to non-for profit organizations, ran by family members or after they invest their money in real estate or stocks.  

In fact, 5.4% is not enough. I would add a tax on luxury items such as: jewelry, fur coats, luxury cars, yachts, sailboats....

Driving While on the Phone May be as Dangerous as Driving Drunk


Greaser, friend of the Clintons, forced to step down Obama's cabinet


Obama's Auto adviser is forced to step down. He greased "politically connected" middlemen to obtain state pension business. His wife was Hillary's finance co-chairwoman.  Is the Obama's cabinet ran by the Clintons and Co.? 
Hillary was going to offer this crooked individual the Treasury, if she had won the election, to thank him for his support. Is Hillary one of the "politically connected' individual?

Cluster Bombs: A Weapon out of Control - Human Rights Watch

It is great for Obama to want to control Nuclear weapons, but cluster bombs are right now worst because they are being used.

Where the Giant Poppies Grow (Original Song) Anti-war Song

Why did we Invade Afghanistan?

The Taliban had banned the production of poppies or Papaver somniferum; we did not like this because we need our morphine and codeine.  Since we invaded Afghanistan the production went back up and in 2008 Afghani farmers were licensed to grow and sell their poppy crops to pharmaceutical companies.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opium

Can anyone give a better reason to be there, to kill and be killed,  than to protect production of our needed Morphine and codeine?