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This Day in History

Students who use laptops in classroom are getting lower grades than their counterparts who are not

Studies are on their way at Stanford University which preliminary results show shorter concentration span for students joggling their electronic toys and different social sites at the same time.  MIT has seen a decrease in the quality of their students check PBS "Frontline: Digital Nation" (even though I do not support their conclusion, the beginning of the video looks at some of the findings).  

Many colleges are responding to the crisis by shutting down internet access in their classrooms.

Riots in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

The US supports the government which is responsible for the deaths of protesters.  Check the article in the Guardian.

White House approves assassination of cleric linked to Christmas bomb plot

The US is taking Justice in its own hands; willing to murder a man without giving him the right to a trial.  This is very dangerous since any opposition leader could be labelled as a terrorist and murdered.   This threatens our democracy and it can't be legal and must be stopped.

Original article in the Guardian.